“A work is finished when

it cannot be more beautiful”


She builds her works from pieces of iron, wood and industrial waste. Pieces of cars, faucets, train sleepers, poles of old field fences, everything that was something formerly and is something again, revisited in its artistic imagery that has abstractions such as dynamic creatures, gestural figures and subjects at different scales creating assemblages and structures measured with a careful chromaticism.


Her works could be seen in exhibitions held in New York and the City of Buenos Aires. Highlighting Borges Cultural Center, the Municipality of Vicente López, the National Hall of Visual Arts  – Palais de Glace – and Expotrastiendas, Galería Sur (South Gallery) Uruguay, River Plate Museum, Galería de las Misiones, Uruguay, Galeria Azur and Jose Hernández Museum of Popular Art.


With careful editing and design, the book has a good format to appreciate her works and brings together an important part of her production allowing us to go through more than 20 years of her career in the plastic arts – with curatorial text and interview by Fernanda Akian. The foreword was written by the architect Justo Solsona, who defines her work as “construction of the mind and the spirit”.


As you already know, I was trained in the school of Torres García and my teacher Ricardo de la Serna belonged to that current. Ceramics is no stranger to this movement. Moreover, it played a powerful and relevant role in Universal Constructivism from its beginnings.