A bit of history

Pre-Columbian ceramics was essential to Torres-García’s theories, which began around 1928, when he visited the exhibition of pre-Columbian ceramics “Les Arts Anciens de l’Amérique” in Paris, organized by the Museum of Decorative Arts, in the Louvre Palace.

Torres García seeks that return to pre-art, to the original element which he considers unique, singular and universal. He finds it in what is still not learnt, in the naturalness of our species. Hence, we can appreciate Torres’ respect and admiration for the drawings of children, prehistoric peoples and a good part of primitive peoples because they are the spokesmen of art in its authenticity. From this derive the traits of universal constructivism.

That’s how I explored this new form of expression. By blending my training with my handling of tools, I immersed myself in this fascinating world. Like any learning process, it took time, but today, pleased with the result, I share the latest production.