Carmela Blanco studied drawing and painting with Kazu Takeda.  Later, in the workshop of the renowned sculptor, Ricardo de la Serna, she would find in sculpture another way of expressing herself. Her work was defined by the famous architect, Justo Solsona, as “construction of the mind and the spirit”. For her works she uses materials that she recycles, such as metal, wood, what once was something else. She reinvents it and creates a harmonious work with a very good use of space and volume. Her sculptures achieve movement with the right dynamic tension, one of the main attributes of the work to represent the true essence.


1978 – 1986: “Drawing and painting” courses with Kazu Takeda.
1986 – 1989: Degree in Landscape of Yamada Schools.
1987 – 1990: “Painting” courses with the master Filgueira Otamendi.
1995 – 2006: “Abstract painting” courses with Poli Costa.
2005 – 2012: studied sculpture with Ricardo de la Serna.


2003: Presentation at the Sofitel Hotel in New York.
2004: Exhibition in the Space of Culture Vicente Lopez.
2007: Exhibition “Sur Arriba” Grupo Costablanco.
2008: Art Space Exhibition Fradusco Pilar.
2009: Exhibition Space of Art Cetol.
2013: Science and Arts Forum.
2014: 5 th Tribute Hall to Women – SAAP 2014 – Raquel Forner Award.
– MIRÁ Festival at the Recoleta Cultural Center.
– Exhibition Forma Gallery at Borges Cultural Center.
– Exhibition “Adolfo Cernadas” at Borges Cultural Center.
– 79th Autumn Hall, SAAP 2014.
– 102nd National Hall of Visual Arts “Palais de Glace”.
– Expoartistas – Individual Participation.
2015: Individual Exhibition- Alvear Art Hotel Buenos Aires.
2018: Individual Exhibition Arenales District – The Design Night.
– Book edition “ Carmela Blanco”.
– Individual exhibition at the Municipal Exhibition Center of San Isidro.
2019: Book Presentation at “Galería Sur” – Punta del Este, Uruguay.


1996: Poli Costa Workshop Exhibition.
1997: Félix Amador Salon.
1999: Workshop Exhibition.
2002: Participation at Expotrastiendas.
2010: Participation at Expoartistas – Poli Costa Workshop.
2016: 4th and 5th ArteView, Arts Society, Cariló and Pinamar, Buenos Aires.
2017: 6th ArteView, Arts Society, Cariló and Pinamar, Buenos Aires.